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SA Food- Our commitment to our environment

At SA Food, we have a dedicated commitment to our environment. We understand the importance of protecting the earth for future generations. We are focused on creating a sustainable company that is focused on the well-being and livelihoods of our communities. Our dedicated commitment to the environment is also based on our communities and the positive impact we can create.

We are committed to the environment with our brands and the development of a strategy that leaves a positive impact. We believe that it is our priority to make a difference. Our brands are dedicated with us to make a difference for the environment. We have aligned our environmental, social and governance priorities with our brands to make a bigger impact on our communities and environment.

SA Food is dedicated to ensuring a secure food supply, this is linked to building a healthy ecosystem. Taking care of the environment means we care for food supplies and our communities. Our environmental strategy is based on both internal and external efforts to making a lasting change.

Our internal strategy is implemented within our Sandton Offices. We have water based cooling systems and motion sensors to limit the usage of energy and to reduce our emissions. Our environmental friendly offices are also technology based to minimize paper wastage. We are dedicated to optimising our water and paper consumption for a greener future.

Through partnering with our brands we have implemented responsibilities, accountability, and policies to ensure that a greener future. Through research and innovation, we ensure that all packaging is dedicated to be recyclable, environmentally friendly, and fun to look at. We are dedicated to ensure compliance to our environmental efforts for a lasting future for our communities.

We have a dedicated environmental strategy that has targets that we want to reach. Our dedication to reach all these targets and offer our communities a greener future. We are aligning our efforts with all our brands to minimize our environmental footprint.

Our dedicated strive to minimize our environmental footprint is linked with our initiatives to providing healthy food to our communities. We understand the importance of nutritional food for daily consumption, and with more insightful strategies we can minimize our footprint while providing communities with healthy foods that help the mind and body.

Our commitment to our environment is built on our values and dedication to providing families with nutritious brands and products that in return help the environment. We value the fundamentals of ensuring a food source that lasts and offers delicious and nutritional products. Our commitment to the environment has only started, with no inclination to stop.